PRESIDING JUDGE: The Honorable Judge Karen Mills-Francis

JUDGE KAREN is often described as "sassy" but what I remember most about her is her shiny red judge's robe. Much like the first person to buck the all-white tennis uniform, Judge Karen bucked the all-black judge's robe! I don't know if it was the red robe or the constant smile on her face, but Judge Karen was definitely the most upbeat judge on TV!

I also like the portion of the program where Judge Karen answered questions from her viewers. Some of the questions were quite interesting:

  • If you think your neighbors are neglecting their pet, can you legally intervene?
  • If you are forced to cancel a trip, are you still on the hook for your hotel room and other expenses?
  • If your friend's mutt chews up your prized collectible, who is to blame? (Psst...You can't sue the dog.)

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